Twilight Scrapbook

Still have memorabilia from twilight events or pictures you want to preserve? Creating a twilight scrapbook organizes and displays them in an artsy way! Personally, I made one for my trip to Forks and its been a great adition to my collection! Interested in making one? First stop should be Micheals or their website to get all the supplies you need! Pinterest is a fantastic encyclopedia on scrapbooking with infinite ideas! Here are some other helpful websites that have twilight related items!

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Twilight Book Necklace 2

This easy to do craft is perfect for any twilight fan that wants to show off their love of the series.Click here to see details:http://www.missliterati.com/blog/easy-diy-necklaces-for-book-lovers#.UXCqZb-SJz8

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DIY Website Helpers

I found tons of DIY Twilight activities on this website. Check it out!http://blog.hwtm.com/tag/twilight/

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A huge DIY project is having a party that is Twilight themed! Here are some pictures for inspiration and ideas. My favorite is the last picture!

IMG 0626
IMG 0653
twilight drinklabels new
twilight party breaking dawn vampire edward cupcakes decorations ideas red black white
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DIY Eclipse Pants

Another creative DIY craft to try is making pants out of an old twilight shirt.

IMG 4341
IMG 4342


Twilight Blanket

Do you or someone you know like the twilight series and needs a gift for the holiday season? One that they will not already have and that will add a unique aspect to their Twilight Collection? Making a Twilight blanket/quilt is the perfect creative gift for any fan. Here is an example below!

Twilight Book Quilt 001
twilight blanket

There are more pictures on this site:http://naptimecraftmommy.blogspot.com/2010_10_01_archive.html

Knitting Expert?


A great idea for all the knitters out there is to make themselves a pair of gloves similar to these that Alice wears in the movie. The yarn should be different shades of blue, brown and green.

Twilight Monopoly


Unfortunatly, there is no Twilight edition of Monopoly. That doesnt mean you can not have one though! Making a twilight monopoly is the best way to freshen up on your twilght saga facts. Here is a list of things you will need to create a Twilight Monopoly (remember everyone has different ideas so you may need more items that are not on this list):


1. Determine the street names for your version. It helps to assign each of the colored sets as a neighborhood. Some examples are Charlie's house, Forks high school, the forest, the Cullens house, etc.


2. Sort out which streets will go where. Make the places realistcally match the prices in Monopoly. Some more expensive places might be Volterra or Isle Esme. Another idea is to make them twilight characters or twilight items such as necklaces and gifts. For the railroads, a good idea is the four books.


3. Decide which, if any, rules you will change. In some versions, you can take out loans from the bank, in some property can't be owned, and in some there are two parts to demonstraight the economy.Keep in mind that if the propert values and rules match monopoly's, your game will play well. If you choose to do people, you may want to change the rules so that players are not owning characters.


4.Make your Chance and Community Chest cards (you can rename those as well). Give the carsd new slogans and ilustrations but dont change what the card actually does. For example, when there is a card says 'Advance to Pall Mall', you could write 'Advance to Bella's House'. But if making community chest cards, you can make things up so instead of 'Pay school fees', you can write 'Pay Jacob to pass the boarder into quillette territory' or something similar. You can make pretty nice ones by cutting the standard 5" by 3" index cards in half.


5. Design your money. It is best to do this on the computer and print them because drawing each one may take a while. Personlize them by having a picture of Stephenie Meyer on them or just call them Twilight Money. Also consider that it might be easier to just use the cash form the game, or buy a replacement set from the game story.


6. Build the houses and hotels. If you want to model them yourself, you can use Fimo or sculpey clay. Otherwise, you can just use Monopoly houses and hotels. Adding more then just two possibilities may make the game last longer.


7. Make Realty Cards for your properties. Use the same rent and mortgages as the corresonding original cards or written/ typed on to new cards using halved index cards.


8. Design and draw out your board. It is easiest if it has the same size and layout as the real board. Use heavy cloth or cardboard (a posterboard even works).


9. Make playing pieces (tokens) from sculpting clay or use small plastic or metal figurines or the monopoly figurines. Another idea is to make the pieces Twilight characters.


Apparently you can customise your own board as well athttps://www.mymonopoly.com , however I am not sure how much you can change the board. Making it yourself may be easier!

Twilight Nails

I already posted the official Twilight Nailpolish but I thought this was cool as well. I found this picture on Pinterest so if anyone finds out how to do this, please let me know.


They look exactly like the background for Breaking Dawn Part 1. Really cool DIY project!

Twilight Skirt

Twilight skirt by alcat2021

This skirt is made from a jean skirt and paint. You may need to get a professional painter if you are not an artist.